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Bespoke EPoS Software

CES Touch was first released in 1997. Since then it has constantly evolved and adapted to become a market leader in the provision of powerful, user-friendly point of sale applications. The wide range of modules that can be plugged into the software redefines the meaning of bespoke. Modules can be activated or deactivated with ease to ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible. With over 15 years of development, Touch can adapt to any environment it is put into, making it the most viable solution for any industry.

CES Touch is an advanced all-in-one EPoS software built for any industry. Touch allows for remote access that enables you to stay in control of your business no matter where you are. You can supervise access to features and functionality for individual users, or groups of users. With the addition of the screen designer, you can setup Touch the way you want it to ensure ease of use and rapid operation. Touch provides you with the most accurate business overview at any point in near real time reporting that can be used in conjunction with our enterprise cloud reporting software.

CES Software cares about your business, one of the ways we show this is by offering bespoke software development with our software. All we need to know are your thoughts and what you would like to do with our software and we can help provide appropriate solutions that will help to enhance your business.


CES Software



Easy to set-up and customise for even the most difficult of business requirements the CES TS software contains many features and tools to help maximise your business sales and EPOS investment.

CES TS software works as a standalone application or can be fully networked offering a complete EPOS solution in a multi-terminal environment.

CES TS software is built on an open architecture allowing it to seamlessly integrate or compliment existing MIS, Stock Control, or Financial systems.

Feature Summary

  • Can run with Touch Screens, Keyboard, Mouse, or combinations of these.
  • Sales input from programmed screen buttons, keyboard or scanners.
  • Easy to set-up and use, requiring minimal training.
  • In-built Training mode.
  • Multiple Tender types within the same transaction.
  • Card detail entry via Magnetic card or keyboard.
  • Credit card authorisation. (EFT)
  • Multiple credit card payment for same transaction.
  • Euro ready.
  • Cheque printing.
  • Foreign currency handling.
  • Extensive Customer Management module.
  • Comprehensive Account Sales Ledger Module.
  • Cash declaration facilities.
  • Float Entry.
  • X and Z report for each terminal.
  • Consolidated X and Z reports for networked terminals.
  • Multiple prices for items.
  • Alternative product identifiers code for products. (Multiple Barcodes)
  • Detailed Information through size, colour, and style codes.
  • Product Mix and Match. (BOGOF)
  • Detailed Recipes and Analysis.
  • Discounts via Customer or Item, by %, amount or fixed.
  • Support for single and multiple Kitchen Printers
  • Multiple definable screens for ease of one touch item selling
  • Advanced Booking Module for Charge Sheets.
  • Extensive Refund and Void facilities.
  • Multiple VAT Rates.
  • Comprehensive transaction monitoring and analysis
  • Information analysis to support and enhance business sales and marketing.
  • Customised Screen configurations for ease of use.
  • Extensive reporting facilities for all areas of sales, Products, Customers, Accounts, and Bookings.
  • Works standalone or within a network environment.
  • Stock Management Module.
  • Serial Number Tracking.
  • Plus much, much more!!

Serving Many Business Environments

CES TS software has been designed to serve a number of business environments. Its flexibility features, speed, and, ease of use make CES TS software suitable for the following business segments:

  • Bars
  • Restaurants
  • Fast Food
  • Supermarkets
  • Department Stores
  • Fashion
  • Sportswear
  • Leisure Clubs
  • Golf Clubs
  • Mail Order
  • Take Home
  • Mobile Phone
  • Electrical
  • Plus many more!!

Understanding Stock Control

CES TS software has developed its own stock control system module for use within the small business environment. However, recognising the importance of Stock Control for many business, CES TS provides an open interface for seamless integration into existing Stock Control Systems.
(CES TS software integrates into the DATASYM Stockade package for TEC machine users.)

Customising Services

CES TS software offers a unique service to provide customised reporting requirements or bespoke development. This allows Customers to maximise their EPOS investment and get the right information at the right time from their systems.
CES TS open architecture design also enables your EPOS systems to link directly existing legacy systems.