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How Samtouch Can Transform Your Business

Peterborough The hospitality sector is getting more and more competitive. Samtouch increases efficiency, provides best practice operations reporting information to help you business operate affectively

Samtouch Point-Of-Service

Norwich Samtouch software offers a high level of features and functionality for the professional retailer.With over 30 years knowledge in the point of sale industry we know that fast and efficient table service is of key importance. Samtouch offers all the features required in this sector in a system that is cost effective and easy to use and maintain

Easy to use

Boston Samtouch is easy to set up and a joy to use. Samtouch works with a wide range of SAM4S POS hardware & Hisense Tablet which are painstaking tested inline to ensure that the system is 100% compatable

Start Seeing Sales

Kings lynn You can upload a product and make a sale in minutes. Once you have sales data you will be able to see more than ever before about your business with our powerful reporting. Learn what makes you money and what you can do better.

Table Management

Hunstanton Samtouch offers a high level of functionality when it comes to Table Management.From graphic representation of table layout, split billing, table merging, tab transfers to table and all the functionality of table management you would expect. Samtouch can also be operated on Windows tablets for order at table operations.With up to 6 management files you can utilise these for different sections of your restaurant, room management or simple customer accounts.


Bury St Edmunds We know that providing customers with varied promotional offers is a fundimental part of everyday business, but sometime difficult to achieve on your current POS solution. That’s why Samtouch has a full suite of promotional algorithms built in.Whether you are doing a simple 3 for 2 offer or combination meal deals, Samtouch offers a complex range of promotional options. You can even schedule promotions to work on certain days or time and tailor customer display advertisements to work in conjunction with the promotions.

Customer Loyalty

Cambridge It’s just as important to retain customers as well as finding new ones. The combination of Samtouch Office makes it easy to manage customer information and promote your business by offering loyalty points, price level discount or cashless (members clubs etc). Whichever one of your establishements your customer visits you can be assured that the information is available at the point of service.

Price Levels.

New Market Samtouch offers up to 6 different price levels per product. These can be used in many different scenarios from happy hour, customer loyalty price levels, trade customers etc. In addition, price levels can be scheduled to operate on different days and/or different times of the day to work in conjunction with your promotion

Multi Sizes

Skegness Dealing with multiple sizes as part of your inventory process can be a headache.Samtouch deals with this most effectively by offering multiple sizes and prices per product.Typically wine can be sold in 125ml, 175ml 250ml measures so Samtouch allows you to factor in the relevant quantity to deduct stock accordingly.

Item Count-Down

Spalding The stock count down features provides the waiter/waitress with up to the second information about the number of menu items currently available. Ideally suited to higher value or limited menu items such as lobster and steaks etc. Once the count reaches zero then you have the option to not process anymore orders for that item.Stock count down should be up dated at the start of session to ensure accurate availablity.

Recipe Nesting.

Ely Samtouch Office not only manages stock movement for off the shelf products, but also handles recipes down to ingredient level. Accurately, manage the actual cost of a dish and Samtouch Office will suggest a sell out price based on the margin you wish to achieve. Never run out of ingredients, Samtouch Office will make recommendations on stock orders based on stock levels and selling trends.

Kitchen Order Printing.

Swaffham For fast, accurate and efficient food order processing, expedite Samtouch’s order process features. We understand that food prep points open and close during the day that’s why Samtouch provides scheduled options to re-route kitchen order printing to alternative printer’s within the system.Free text, condiment and cooking instructions are printed as part of the order.

Kitchen Video

Lowestoft A powerful way to speed up service to your Customers and increase employee productivity From Microplus Inc. – A pioneer in developing standalone kitchen video systems utiliziing state-of-the-art technology comes the Ultimate Video family of controllers. The Ultimate Video provides your kitchen staff with easy to read, color enhanced product orders. The system provides powerful tools to help increase customer service and employee productivity, while helping to reduce waste.

Samtouch Office Cloud Backoffice

Great Yarmouth Samtouch Point-Of-Service software offers a high level of features and functionality for the professional retailer. With over 30 years knowledge in the point of sale industry we know that fast and efficient table service is of key importance. Samtouch offers all the features required in this sector in a system that is cost effective and easy to use and maintain


OrderPad M2 Samtouch OrderPad is a professional paper-free option to take food and drink orders in busy hospitality and catering environments. Designed specifically for the busy restaurant environment, Samtouch OrderPad increases order processing times by at least 35% but more importantly improves order accuracy leading to a higher customer experience. Samtouch OrderPad allows waiting staff to process customer orders at the table and automatically update your Samtouch POS system which then processes the order through to the food and drink preparation stations.

Keeps Everybody Happy

Waiter’s are not having to waste valuable time returning to the POS terminals to input order’s from a check pad which leads to inaccuracies. The customer’s order is more accurate and the table service is quicker which assists with quicker table turnover. Customer satisfaction is higher, everyone is happy!

 Faster Operation.

Automatically Adds or Updates Customer Checks in the Samtouch Infrastructure.

Enquire of Allergy Information at the Table.

 Print Receipts at the Table. Print Order Direct to the Food and Drink Prep Printers.

 Order Taking Can Exist Outside the Wi-fi Network.

Hospitality Brochure

Stamford Our Hospitality brochure is now available to preview, print and share for the first time. The most comprehensive and thorough overview of Samtouch Software to date. New online brochure: