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Samtouch OrderMe is a professional customers “own device” food ordering app.

Designed specifically for the busy restaurant and fast food environment, Samtouch OrderMe provides a safe and efficient solution for customers to place food orders either whilst seated in your restaurant or beer garden or alternatively conveniently placing take-away and delivery orders when leaving work or from home.
Whilst the masses of stand-alone apps available online appear to offer a complete solution, inevitably their commissions and transaction charges are extremely high.

In addition orders that are taken via your stand-alone app have to be processed manually which leads to errors and wasted time. With Samtouch OrderMe there are no commission charges, your business will be listed in our venue directory and card charges are far less then the general on-line app’s. All orders are automatically processed through your Samtouch Point of Sale system along with your traditional sales channel. In addition, if your system has a kitchen order printer or kitchen video system all orders from OrderMe will be sent through the kitchen prep area automatically.

As an OrderMe user your business will be listed in our venue directory. When customers search within your area your business listing will be displayed giving your every opportunity to gain new customers. Customer’s are able to list your venue as a favourite, so they can find it easily next time they are placing an order.

OrderMe is supplied with all venue sales channels as standard. Whether you are looking for Order @ Table, take-away or delivery channels they are inclusive as part of your system. Each channel can be enabled or disabled as required.

Order @ Table service inevitably is priced higher than take away and delivery prices. Samtouch POS & OrderMe can be configured with up to six price levels per product and each sales channel can be preset with one of these price levels.

Some products may only be offered for sale on certain sales channels (i.e Order @ Table). OrderMe provides you with the flexibility to include or exclude items from different channels or include items in multiple product groups. (I.e Starters and main course)

Ordering from your menu is easy with lead-thru product options. This gives you the opportunity to upsell extras or promote specials that you wish to sell. Implemented correctly, product options can significantly increase your ave spend per head.

Cooking instructions are part and parcel of the order process, ensuring orders are cooked to your customer’s exact requirements. Cooking instructions can also be used for drinks such as spirits to ask questions such as a: Do you require Ice?

For maximum flexibility you can configure different opening times per sales channel. For example your take-away service may start at 6pm but your table service may start at 6:30pm. Closing times may also be configured differently for each sales channel.

For take-away and delivery orders you can configure the number of orders that can be handled within a specified time. For example you may be able to delivery 4 hours per hour, but handle 20 take-away orders per hour.

Individual item fulfilment time is great where you are limited to the number of items you can prepare in a set time. For example: Your pizza oven capacity only allows you to prepare 15 pizzas per hour. Once capacity is reached any orders including pizza’s will move onto the next available time slot.

Customers can book take-away & delivery orders days in advance depending on how you have configured your system. OrderMe will monitor the orders that are pending and depatch them to Samtouch for processing as required. This advanced feature ensures you dont have to keep a manual list of orders required in the future.

Each product can be assigned with one of the 14 allergens. This will be indicated on the product information screen. Note: If an ingredient is assigned an allergen this will be populated through to the product information.

Card payments can be securely taken via your customers own personal device. All payments use the highest level of 3D security. Card details can be saved on your customers device for repeat orders, especially useful in pub environments.

Online ordering platforms will typically charge up to 20% commission on every transaction you make. However, with OrderMe there is no commission fees.

OrderMe is fully integrated with our own Samtouch Point of Sale and Samtouch backoffice solution. All sales and order operations are consolidated through a single platform ensuring your best practice operation is maintained.

Order and Pay At Table Technology Adds up to Big Benefits

3D Secure Gateway
♦ Debit / Credit card charge 1%
Commercial card charge 2%
Transaction charge 5p
Free card tokenisation.
Free PCI Compliance charge
List of restaurant venues •
GPS locator •
Postcode search •
♦ Price levels per table, take-away and deliveries •
♦ Configurable opening hours •
♦ Configurable menu options •
♦ Configurable time slots •
♦ Configurable in advanced ordering •
♦ Product options and cooking instructions •
♦ “In advance” ordering •
♦ Available for IOS or Android.
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