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CES Bespoke EPoS Software

image CES Touch was first released in 1997. Since then it has constantly evolved and adapted to become a market leader in the provision of powerful, user-friendly point of sale applications. The wide range of modules that can be plugged into the software redefines the meaning of bespoke. Modules can be activated or deactivated with ease to ensure your business runs as efficiently as possible. With over 15 years of development, Touch can adapt to any environment it is put into, making it the most viable solution for any industry.
CES Touch is an advanced all-in-one EPoS software built for any industry. Touch allows for remote access that enables you to stay in control of your business no matter where you are. You can supervise access to features and functionality for individual users, or groups of users. With the addition of the screen designer, you can setup Touch the way you want it to ensure ease of use and rapid operation. Touch provides you with the most accurate business overview at any point in near real time reporting that can be used in conjunction with our enterprise cloud reporting software. CES Software cares about your business, one of the ways we show this is by offering bespoke software development with our software. All we need to know are your thoughts and what you would like to do with our software and we can help provide appropriate solutions that will help to enhance your business.

Pubs, Bars and Clubs

image Beat the build up at the bar and keep the beer and sales flowing Using CES Touch's bespoke screen design will ensure that your employees will find the software easy to use and rapid to operate keeping queues at the bar to a minimum. Easy to navigate your menu, print out food orders in the kitchen, open bar tabs and manage promotions. Advanced stock reporting to manage bringing in drinks by volume and selling in measures. Monitor sales and staff activity to reduce shrinkage and wastage.


image Optimize your revenue by taking control of your bookings Easy to navigate your menu and add notes or condiments to orders at the till, print out food orders at the kitchen and drink orders at the bar, open customer tabs and offer split bills. The Bookings and Reservations module means you always know how many tables you have left. Maximise your occupancy with the Table Planner module. Advanced sales, financial and ingredient level stock reports. Also links to 3rd party software such as Wavesoft for mobile order taking and ResDiary for online bookings.

Fast Food and Takeaways

image Connect with customers and build repeat business Simple to navigate your menu, send food orders in the kitchen and add/change products, prices and promotions at the till. Advanced sales reports to monitor your most popular products and peak periods to help make your business as profitable as possible. With the Customer Accounts and Caller ID modules you can build customer relations by instantly recognizing repeat buyers, meaning you can monitor their favourite dishes and know their delivery address.

Convenience and Local Shops

image Stock control is a breeze with CES Touch Fast operation at the checkout to reduce customer queuing times. Use the customer-facing screen to display promotions and local adverts so you are still making money even when the till is not in use. CES Touch has the flexibility to produce and receive orders, transfer and check stock, and manage returned items keeping you in full control of your inventory. Integrates with wholesaler software, such as Booker, to help simplify replenishing your stock. CES Touch also has a Newsround module allowing you to keep on top of your newspaper sales and deliveries. Small Retail Business Point of Sale Software CES Touch has been developed to help the convenience sector for over 10 years, offering point of sale solutions for small retail businesses. This has provided Touch the capabilities to allow plug and play peripherals with multi links to scanners and scales, including a combined scanner with integrated scale as found in supermarkets. The software can also produce product labels straight from the printer that can be displayed on the shop shelves. Touch’s simple and intuitive interface helps to rapidly process customer transactions and helps to improve customer satisfaction. There are links to hand held terminals that deal with stock control for quick stock takes to help save time. You can maximise profits with the software’s fast accurate reports on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These reports can link directly into our enterprise cloud reporting software to allow for a wider range of detailed reports to help keep you on top of your retail business.

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